Witness A Celebration Of the Silent Age.


The Music

The Horror!

The Tragedy!

The Comedy!

The Spectacle!


Acclaimed classical masterpieces take you on a musical journey into the guilded age of film. Your audience's imagination will soar through the past guided by your orchestra and these perfectly-timed and delightful films.

Five Compositons your Ochestra Loves to play, five symphonic masterpieces your audience loves to hear.

Our List of Classic Masterpieces Accompany Flicker

Danse MacabrE


Finlandia Op.26

Jean SibhiuS

Firebird Suite 

Igor Stravinsky


Join The Silent Screens Most Legendary Actors.

Watch as histories most unforgettable characters, are set to the accompaniment of the world's most masterful composers.

Featuring Film Excerpts From:
A Trip to the Moon, Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, Faust, The General, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Intolerance, Metropolis, , Out West, Phantom of the Opera, The Thief of Bag Dad, The Tramp, And More!


Film Clips From...


A Trip to the Moon



Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde






The General



Hunchback of Notre Dame









Out West



Phantom of the Opera



The Thief of Bagdad



The Tramp


Photos from many of the Films Featured in Flicker

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